This week was a super busy week for ASE, full of Skype calls with coaches, teachers and buddy teams alike, alongside preparing for our midway concept development and future scenarios presentation! We Skyped with Catarina, a member of the teaching team at InnoSpace, Germany, as well as our CERN coach, George and one of our buddy teams, Team Metro of the New York City Design Factory. 


Catarina introduced us to a ‘storytelling’ tool called ‘SCENES’, which is used as a way to help in the explanation and presentation of our context and pain points in our problem space. We aim to use this at some point to better convey our concept and how it fits into the context and environment of our users.

We were also introduced to the concept of ‘Machine Learning’ by George, explaining that particular inputs of data can be used by technology in our concept to specifically detect illicit substances and any other prohibited goods (if we choose to). This was a technological capability we were unaware of, despite the knowledge we believe we have on CERN technology.

We began prototyping an in-airport passenger scanner called the “HALO-Pad”, using this concept as a midway form of implementation for our 2030 concept (which will be revealed next week). We also finalised our PESTLE Canvas as a way to convey our future scenario and better understand the ‘world’ in which our design solution will fit.


Quote Of The Week

“Oh no, the ‘normal’ semester begins next week….”


What next?

We wish to finalise our Midway presentation and finalise a prototype we hope to introduce during our presentation in order to receive feedback. We aim to visit Melbourne Airport in the near future as well and possibly get in contact with anyone that may be able to provide some information on airport processes. A big few weeks ahead!