Saying hello for probably the last time!

What a journey it has been for the team! We can’t believe we have reached the end after months of designing. The topic of Electronic Waste was challenging and provided many opportunities to work on. It was exhausting and content-heavy, but we are glad and proud of our Bloom and Brew outcome. It was a struggle for us as we had numerous changes after change, and with time, not our side made us very stressed that we would not have made it till the end. This journey was not the easiest, but the experience we had throughout this project would be something we would hold close to our hearts. To date, we can’t believe we went into an E-Waste recycling facility and got a first-hand tour experience of what happens when e-waste is collected. That was a real experience that will impact us for years to come.

As much as we understand and are aware that our solution may require much more work to bring to real life, especially with bio-leaching, building an experience hub, etc., we hope that our solution will inspire future possible solutions that can help us deal with the issue of e-waste. It is scary how e-waste is being overlooked despite being a real issue.

Till then, Take care and we hope you learnt something through our journey too and enjoyed it too! Feel free to have a look at our photos, video and renders from the showcase before you go!

Team X-Cube Signing off,
Nikhail, Amisha & Anoop

Final Video