It’s almost SHOWCASE TIME! We are excited to be so close to the end! Oh, how time really DOES fly. This week, Team ASE rehearsed our (pre) final presentations with Inno.Space and our teaching teams. We attended a zoom meeting that simulated our final showcase in order to understand the technicalities of our showcase. In addition, Team ASE finalised the implementation roadmap for the HALO, making sure that all ‘pieces’ integrated with each other and were able to be developed alongside each other in order for the HALO to be successfully implemented.

Looking back on how far we have come!

We received a lot of feedback on how to improve our presentation, receiving advice on which slides need a bit more time in order to truly ‘digest’ the information we present. We received feedback on our speaking, and were told to remember that we need to show excitement; this is our final presentation, so we SHOULD be proud and excited of what we present, so we should remember to keep that up in our final!

“Less than 1 week away. Get excited!”

What’s next? Our final presentation! Oh, and we need to start working on our whitepaper.