This week, we decided to work on a process map of how our concept will fit into the airport process. We tried to understand where in the airport our concept will fit best, analysing current airport practice and pain points in the airport, especially the length of time taken at different checkpoints inside the airport’s respective domestic and international terminals. We remembered that we wanted the newly named “HALO” to help improve the airport process to provide a greater overall experience for travellers and staff alike.

We also started to discuss what materials would be suitable for building the HALO. Our initial choice was aluminium due to its reusability and moulding capability for a design we believe to be simplistic.

We learnt that aluminium might not be the most feasible or even the best material for the design, meaning that we would have to conduct some research on different architectural materials in order to solidify or reselect.

By next week, we aim to begin putting components together for the HALO, integrating a screen and doing some research on materials, all whilst simultaneously continuing to finalise our implementation roadmap deliverable.

“1 month away!”