This week we finalized what our solution will be and presented it among ourselves. These practiced pitches helped us boil down the essence of what our project is, clarifying the description. Here it goes: “Our solution is a vertically constructed wetland that embeds sensor technologies to enhance the water flow in sewage treatment facilities by processing higher volumes of water.”

We discussed our idea and how feasible it might be to create it. However, we quickly got ourselves out of that mindset because the idea is for a predicted future in 2030, not for today. We need to keep reinforcing this way of thinking so that we can truly bring something unique to our project.

We started doing research on CERN technologies that we will be integrating into our project. We determined that FOSS4 will definitely be one of them, but we want to look deeper into FOS4’s technologies to see if we can find something even more specific to maintain our wetland.