This is a 2030 Product Development-bound METRO train.

These last two weeks have provided METRO ample time to prepare some of the final deliverables. Meetings now are focused on reviewing deliverable progress and providing feedback in a group setting. Thankfully, this has provided team METRO with an ample amount of content to show off!

Design Visualization


Pictured left is an early rendition of the Design Visualization element which, in essence, is created to provide a general overview of the project as a whole. There are elements missing regarding the design solution and the future scenario, but the design of the graphic is complete and is approaching completion, with the resources utilized and stakeholders properly displayed as per our finalized design solution.



As the final whitepaper will delve into more detail for each section, this image is meant to give a broad overview of the project. Two of these sections, namely Stakeholders and Future Scenario, already have their own completed graphics.



Stakeholder Roadmap


Pictured left is a graphic listing the different stakeholders identified for the final roadmap, which is displayed below that. The stakeholders identified for our product solution involve CERN, the government, healthcare providers, partners, and the product user.





Above is the stakeholder roadmap, which seeks to convey different qualities of each stakeholder (contributions, motivation, enablers, engagement, and means of communication).

System Architecture Chart


The System Architecture chart, which was the subject covered in the last METRO swipe, seeks to convey the relationship between system components within our design solution.












Timeline Roadmap

Model Prototype






The next stop is Deliverable Refinement.