Quote of the week: “Take some time for you, as well “ – Teaching Team

We started the week with the completion of our first poster version and then on Tuesday during our LGM we had the unique opportunity to ask someone for their opinion who was not part of our trip to ComImmunity until then and therefore did not know much about us. This feedback helped us incredibly and also gave us a new perspective on our way of realization. Because what is difficult is to make our texts and graphics understandable even for people who don’t know anything about the project yet. This week we worked on the aspect of putting ourselves in the mind of these people. Not only for the poster, but also our video. We have rewritten texts and thought about new ways of visualization and are now looking forward to the production and especially to presenting the final result to you. 

But we will do all this with advice from the teaching team. “Take some time for yourself, too.” Because the last few weeks we’ve been working hard and fine-tuning our details. And since you can probably see our tired faces from zoom, we have allowed ourselves a quiet weekend and are now starting the next week well rested and with a lot of motivation.