Quote of the week: „Believing in something will bring you quite far.“ – Kirstin

On Tuesday we got a launch again. The motto of the week was “Timeline Roadmap”. We put a lot of work into our canvas – you can see in the result below. We finally had the opportunity to think a little bit about a financing model and with the help of the teaching team, we came to the decision to launch spin-offs (smaller products) on our long way to the final product. This will enable us to refinance our research and development and will give us more financial stamina. What we also received this week was good persuasion. We have doubts again and again as to whether and how ComImmunity should be implemented, as it is a futuristic product and does not always meet immediate understanding. However, Kirstin and Catarina have encouraged and built us up, so that we can continue with our development of ComImmunity stronger than ever. We have set ourselves a lot of goals. Next week we want to create personas to define our user group more precisely. Of course, we will continue to develop our product at the same time. We already have been thinking a lot about the design and the construction. We have made fundamental decisions that will make the further process easier for us. For this we have created a Trello board – so we have the absolute overview. 😀 We have divided and subdivided tasks and are ready to plunge into research.

Another highlight this week was our Skype date with Metro. Of course, we also talked about Corona as usual during this time – how could it be different. Nevertheless, it was very nice to see that you all are doing well and that you are looking positively into the future (armed with lots of toilet paper).

The current situation begins to become normal and we are getting quite used to the remote sessions. Although sadly, we can not meet physically, the CBI-project keeps us alive and builds a highlight during the week!