Quote of the week: “The Lamborghini for the body” – Dr Rudolf

The week began with a surprise. Christine made a little stopover at inno.space and we were all very happy to see her again. Of course, we used the time for a quick photo. 🙂 (What else would you expect from us).

On the same day, we also had our first expert interview with Dr Rudolf. We talked about ways to detect antibodies and pathogens and also about the possibility of a body’s own vaccinations. All in all, he thinks that ComImmunity is “the future”, but processes that are still done in the laboratory today have to be shrunk to be part of an implant. Additionally, we would probably need nanobots (or other solutions) to provide cells from the body to the implant to monitor the body properly and find out where the source of the disease is. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Rudolf for the interview. We have learned a tremendous amount and are convinced that his expertise will help us to progress in our project. Our next steps include additional expert interviews with data protection experts, immunologists and representatives of health insurance companies.

The situation of the COVID-19 pandemic then hit us in the middle of the week. The government banned attendance at universities and schools at least  until April 20. However, the project will continue remotely. We will not pause and use this time for further development and more intensive research on open topics. Although it is quite difficult to manage everything remotely we expect magnificent results. For protection and containment of the virus, voluntary house quarantine is now recommended. Our workflow and joint coffee parties will now take place via Skype instead of at inno.space. Otherwise, nothing else will change and we will continue at full speed as before.

In this spirit: stay safe, stay healthy and #StayTheFHome