Quote of the week: “Manuel and Clara should become designers!” – Mascha

We followed our plan and started the week with video production.
After we discarded the first draft, we decided to create a fancy animated clip. The video should make it easy to understand what we want to achieve with the product. We created an English and German version. With the video, we want to inform people before we interview them.
It is also the cornerstone for a version aimed at experts. We think that with a video we can bring people closer to our topic faster and easier. Thursday we presented our video.

Here is the English version of our clip. We are happy about likes, wonders and wishes! 😉

Later on, we presented our video and got an introduction to system thinking. Full of energy we met on Sunday morning to scribble our System-Thinking Map on three whiteboards.
Starting point of our map was the Stakeholder map we worked out a few weeks ago. We made connections and links between different levels that could be influenced by our project. We also took into account external feedback that could influence our invention. The map is large but probably far from complete. If you find our blind spots please write us a comment!

Mascha and Clara have made clear the need for a system like ComImmunity with a nasty cold… Flooded with medicine and vitamin cocktails, they have started to get involved in social work and renovated inno.space… The perfect time call it a day.