The last week’s we finally converted down to the idea we will develop further from now on. We want to address the life below water SDG. Our system – for now internally called “the police fish” – will help to monitor, investigate and control sealife and water biomes. The fishy drone could help to gather data and actively intervene to environment and fishing industry.

We started by collecting the best and most promising ideas from all the stuff we generated so far. After thinking it a bit further we found a direction that fits our needs and interests very well. Since we still struggled with implementing cern technology to our ideas, we choose a idea which covers a broad direction so we can still adopt upcoming ideas and insights. For the police fish we can think of lots of different applications with use of various technologies.

We all feel happy with our final idea and will now focus on improving and developing our solution.

Not to forget, we all got some time for friends and family between the year’s and sending out some good wishes and a happy new year to the whole CBI crew and everyone else following the project.