Week 20 and 21 we had a social lean canvas session with frank rust from sommerrust Heidelberg. He helped us to find a nice way of explaining our canvas model to an audience. Then we tried to destroy our idea in order to see any leaks in the argumentation.

We also did put some more effort in the roadmap and got a more precise plan for carrying on with the project in the future.

When Frank Rust first came to us as a expert for business model canvas, we were a bit skeptical about how the economy focused view can help us with the sustainable non profit intend were following. But then it turned out very well and he helped us building a solid structure for our social canvas model. It’s gotten even stronger and we now have a better understanding of the framework. For example we rearranged and edited our values to match the key stakeholders more precisely. You can better understand the connection between them now.

After going through our Social canvas we started thinking about what could be a showstopper for us. By trying to destroy our idea we found solutions and answers for possible questions that might come up if people hear about our concept. Were now prepared for nasty questions and are even more convinced of our project.

By side the Frank Rust Session we talked about our roadmap again and added some more detailed milestones. Were thinking about early stages of prototyping all components of the system. We can test the Software part, the drone and the buoy in parallel and develop them as stand alone systems. This will speed up the development.

The software for example could also be tested with data gathered from ships or even satellites – on sharp photos you can see large fishswarms underneath the surface.
Also we thought about focusing on a specific environment soon, to build a better matching solution and be as modular and adaptable as possible.

For now the roadmap gives a broad overview of what we think the future of ReMy will look like. We thought of a lot of different aspects and then converged to the most important milestones and gave them a rough time-frame.