Hello CBI A3 Comunity,

This is Team ASE’s final post as part of CBI A3 for 2019/2020. We have submitted our final whitepaper! As bittersweet as it is to realise we are at the end of our project, we cannot find the words to express how grateful we are to have been part of this amazing program with an amazing community.

We want to thank everyone that we met along the way, whether it be at CERN and IdeaSquare, Design Factory Melbourne, NYC Design Factory, or InnoSpace. You are all amazing. This experience was unforgettable and you all played a big part. We are proud to be part of this community.

It’s safe to say, after completing CBI A3, we have an ‘ASE’ up our sleeve.

Until next time,

Team ASE

To view our White Paper, click on the link below.
CBI A3 Phase II – White Paper: Team ASE