Hey there!

Design Freeze is almost here 🥶

So today we held our detailed design presentation, and it was… full of feedback.

We talked about design decision we have made so far, including implemented features and used technologies.

In addition, we have written a paper in which all design decisions are recorded. The implementation of the ideas, the necessary materials, the use cases and diagrams, etc. can be found here.

We have also specified four use cases in which our MINT system can be used. We have also drawn up a financial concept for each of these use cases. The overview can be found below:

Oh yes! And we have an app now: MINTsight. It…

… provides a comprehensive diagnosis and personalized support for depression.

… helps understand the symptoms and the appropriate self-help measures better.

…  is only accessible for authorized individuals, including the patient and the doctor(s).

Here is our first draft for the user interface: