What We Worked On

This week we checked two major milestones on our way to presenting on design factory day on May 7th:
Finishing our SiMA poster and video


Imagine the year 2050 when 100,000 people die each year due to the rise of multi-resistant germs and the ineffectiveness of common antibiotics“

The Simple Medicine Applicator aims to stop the further development of multi-resistant germs by preventing the misuse of antibiotics. Our system will achieve this by supporting users in handling antibiotics correctly, while also personalizing and optimizing antibiotic therapy.


As it was only Tuesday we were far from done for the week.
The next stop was a trial presentation run on Thursday. Due to some technical errors our first virtual presentation did not go as planned.
But with the feedback from the TTeam we will keep iterating it over the weekend.

So stay tuned for the awesome version of our presentation next thursday.