What We Worked On

Another week in quarantine started with the discussion about the detailed design of SiMA. As you all know after the two weeks at CERN we came up with the idea of a product which combines sensors and application of medicine in one bracelet that can be compared to the look of a smart watch.

After further and deeper research we came to the conclusion that it would be better to separate the sensors and the application. We thought about a bracelet with all needed sensors to monitor health state, vital parameters and blood concentration of the medicine. The other component of SiMA would be a medication patch that contains the antibiotics and can be attached to any region of the body that fits the best due to the individual therapy.

Because there are in fact better areas than the wrist, as the thickness of the skin also plays a major role for transdermal application. The other parts of SiMA stay the same except the fact that we don‘t have a display on the bracelet anymore to make it as decent as possible for the patient. This part will be replaced with an mobile and Desktop App. We also thought about people who already have smart watches and maybe would‘t buy SiMA as it means wearing two watches. But the thin sensor bracelet can easily be combined to other jewelry and watches.


“new week, new ideas

During our virtual LGM via zoom we worked together in teams on our Timeline Roadmap in the Mural Workspace. After the first session it had still a few blank spots between 2020 and 2030 and after the feedback of the teaching team we upgraded and expanded it as you can see in the pictures below (unfortunately you can’t read it, but it looks cool with all the coloured sticky notes :D).


We hope that we made sure what the detailed steps of our product from now until 2030 are. Nevertheless there are still some open questions regarding the sensor to detect the blood concentration of the medicine and the transdermal application of antibiotics.

But we hope that the two experts (a pharmacologic specialist and an optical sensor specialist) to whom we will speak next week can clarify our questions and resolve our doubts.
Last but not least on Sunday we had a very nice Skype call with Team ASE. The topics ranged from toilet paper to really (!) serious issues about the projects and their progress. We are looking forward to talk to Team Metro next week.