What We Worked On

The workload for week 20 of the project was completely packed. We decided on our final future scenario, we hand an interesting workshop and we went back to prototype mode.

Future Scenario

We started our week Tuesday morning to define our final future scenario. We compared our research with the ideas we had ourselves and basically decided on the following points:

  • Political: we belief that the political system will somehow change, and that the technological growth will be regulated by the government until 2030
  • Economic: As the current trend show we think that Asia will gain a lot of more power in economic and in order to counteract this trend business will change faster and will become more personalized; global markets will increase
  • Socio-cultural: We belief that the trend of less personal contact to other people will continue and with that the more mental health problems will occur; the German population is getting older and older
  • Technological: Technology will become even smarter and will change and grow quickly; AI starts to be accepted in daily life but not in total due to remaining fears; in general we belief we will have the era of great technological advances (like trips to Mars); we moreover expect progress in the fields of biotechnology and genetics
  • Legal: There will be a lot more laws concerning technology, information and data security as well as sustainability to guarantee good living conditions for the next generation
  • Environmental: the trend of sustainability will last until the future to solve the trash and resource problems; we might experience new kinds of diseases due to genetic modification

We decided to put a lot of work and detail in our future scenario, because we belief that this will help us a lot in the next steps of the project when we try to let our idea grow and become more specific.

Insights Discovery Workshop

Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon were all about exploring ourselves better. We had the opportunity to take part in an Insights Discovery workshop. For this we had to answer 25 questions last week that would be analyzed by an algorithm that will create a personality profile out of it. The personal description was about our personality in the working life, and the results were really detailed and fitting pretty good (except of some details). The personal workshop was then about getting to know the concept behind the test and the different personality groups that are created and the different colors that are used. We found out that Hannah is a green and blue type whereas Sarah is more red and yellow, which is pretty good for a team, because all colors, and therefore personality types, are represented within Team Bee. Could be the reason why the project is going so well. All in all, the workshop was informative and helpful.


The second half of the week was then about creating a new prototype. For this we first had to decide on a user group we want to focus on. We came to the conclusion that we want to focus on older people first (50 years+) since they are more likely to take many different pills compared to the younger generation. To explain our concept very simple we decided to make a little video that would explain all the advantages we want to achieve with SiMA, but not our concrete product idea. We then want to show it to some random people on the street that fit in our user group and we hope to get some answers on our two main questions:

  • Would people buy and use our product?
  • How would it have to look like so that people would be willing to wear the product 24h a day?

If your curious about our prototype, here’s a little sneak preview:

“Be your own Designer

Next steps: 

Next week will mainly be about one thing: user research and testing of our prototype. We hope to get some inspiring feedback that we can use for further development of our idea.