Social Design Week

This week we had guests from Hannam Design Factory in South Korea at the for a Social Design week. It kicked off on Tuesday with a joint breakfast to get to know everyone. This was followed by more cultural exchange, because the Hannam TeamĀ  brought corean snacks and candy for us to try. Thx again guys šŸ™‚
Our guests also presented some of the projects that they have been working on back home, which really impressed us. During the week Team Bee continued to work on our Whitepaper, while the Hannam Team got a challenge to complete for the week – with our support of course.Ā  At the end of the week we visited C-Hub and Maffinex to show our guests where innovation happens in Mannheim. On Friday the Hannam Team presented the results of their Social Design Week project and we finished off the week with a typical SUDS.


Next week we are going to present our Whitepaper for SiMA therefore we have been working on it non stop this week. This included:

  • A deeper research on our problem space
  • Furhter and more detailed development of our concept
  • More technology research
  • The iteration of our prototype

Also our Team Members really challenged themself by learning layout and illustrating skills.

Release in








Enjoy a little Sneak Preview:

Next steps

  • some more work on the whitepaper
  • even more work on the whitepaper