This week started super early at 7:30 am on Tuesday. We had a skype call with our buddy team ASE from Australia. After a short exchange of our product idea status, we became a tour through the Design Factory Melbourne and got a preview on the CERN video they worked on.

Later this day we discussed about the product idea we want to focus on and develop further during the CBI A³ project. The funny thing about it was that it wasn’t even a discussion because all of us had the same favorite.




… our decision is , the (super cool and) simple Medicine Applicator.

It’s the product idea that came out of the extra short additional Ideation session, when we found out that another idea (detect and kill multi-resistant germs in hospitals which are caused amongst others by the misuse of antibiotics) we spent 10 min of further research on is not as feasible as we first thought.

SiMa is a bracelet which contains medicine and gives it through the skin. For example, if you have a bacterial infect it contains the antibiotic. It monitors the concentration of the medicine in the blood and checks if the body responds to the antibiotic so the dose can be personalized by the doctor. Or if there are any side effects the doctor will be informed and can induce change in the treatment. With this device we want to avoid an overuse of antibiotics that leads to loading of the kidney and the liver, but also a too short intake that leads to multi-resistant germs.

A reduced use of antibiotics, a lower therapy failure rate, the prevention of the development of multi-resistant germs and a decrease of side-effects are some benefits for health and well-being we want to achieve with SiMA.


With this short product description we would like to start our well-deserved Christmas holidays (which means working on the whitepaper between hot wine and a lot of food).


“Christmas group huuuuuug!