This week, we’re mostly focussed on interviews and opportunity cards. Most of the time is spent emailing people and trying to get them to talk to us. We had another great interview with a politician of the green party. She gave us a lot of good information and interesting perspectives.

One key insight we gained is that water is very much tied in with consumer behaviour, but also with education. The education point has two different aspects, the direct consequence of less education is that people just might not know about all the issues that we think of when we speak about water. The more indirect perspective would be that usually, less education means less money, and thus people sometimes just can’t afford the environment friendly options.

Today, some of our team members are visiting a wastewater treatment plant and will interview the head of the field. We hope to gain some more insights from that visit.

Quote of the week: „A sewage plant is a mirror of our society.“

Next week, we’ll finish our opportunity and technology cards. We have one more interview scheduled for Monday, and we hope to get some more feedback to schedule more talks for next week. Next Sunday, we’ll travel to CERN to meet with the other teams.


Impression from the sewage plant in Mannheim