We are Team Fusion:

Aastha, Sachin, Susanna! A representation of what can be created when three unique minds are fused together.


To kick off our project, we undertook initial research tasks in several areas of Good Health and Well-being in New York City. Between the three of us, we selectively researched areas of interest that became the starting points to identify and understand the opportunities for change or improvement in the New York City area. At this point in time, our research is designed but not limited, to give us an overview of what the problem spaces are and the potential to create change in them in the coming weeks. Our next steps will be taking these opportunity areas to the CBI A3 2-week intensive at CERN and continuing to research and develop our ideas collaboratively within Team Fusion, but also within the Design Factory Global Network teams who will also be attending. 


Aside from all the research, we are taking the necessary time to grow and bond as a team. Thankfully we are starting to realize how similar we are in terms of our worth ethic but also how each of our differences fuses together to create a unique dynamic.


We are so excited about the next two weeks! It will be fascinating to see how the other teams go about connecting CERN technology and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular with ATTRACT EU technologies.