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One of the approaches for specifying a solution space, is generating a future scenario, in which the potential prototype is going to be used in. Therefore, we ideated around the different scenario types we learned at CERN back in November.

Imagine a future in 2030 where we will live in modern, connected cities for more prosperity because we have made significant advances in technology and artificial intelligenceā€¦

Based on this statement we have described the seven STEEPLE terms to describe a future scenario, which we will be using as an existing environment for presenting our solution in.

As for the following, we are going to shortly describe the different aspects of STEEPLE to give a brief overview of the future environment we designed.

Social: The society of 2030 is hyper-connected through the internet. Because of the constant input of information, productivity in general is lowered. However, the performance pressure has risen, since almost every aspect of life might be shared with the whole world. The shift to the digital realm and metaverse has only increased the transparency of life and decreased the privacy aspects.

Technological: The technological progress has decreased the number ofĀ accidents. Medicine is now preventive and personalised, for example through bio-printed organs and remote treatments.

Economic: Crafts continue to die out, however the economy is booming.

Environmental: The pollution of air and water is increasing, but new methods to clean the oceans are discovered.

Political: There are a handful of global powers. Democracy has become a do-it-yourself democracy and thereby people have more individual responsibility.Ā  Additionally, candidate campaigns are taking place in the metaverse.

Legal: The garbage disposal regulations have been relaxed and the legalisation of drugs approved. Because of constant face recognition technologies, the data protection is violated.

Ethical: There is a constant strive for individualism and self-realisation. Society has become more superficial and selfish. Most experts doubt that AI makes decisions based on the morality of the common good.

Embedding our solution into a futuristic scenario, we want to give a look-and-feel for our idea.

Stay tuned!