Quote of the week: “We can be so proud of what we achieved!” – Team Clash

Wow! That’s all you can say about last week. After we presented our final presentation to the teaching team of Innospace on Tuesday it was finally time to share our project with everyone on Thursday morning. To be honest, we were a bit skeptical at the beginning, and at the same time we had a lot of respect for a virtual presentation because normally we are more the type for wild gestures. But this is not so easy remotely. And also the fact that you can’t look at people directly, but have to look into the camera instead, was quite strange in the beginning. However, we wanted to do this final presentation very well to show people the quality of our work and therefore we practiced quite a lot and diligently. Day after day until the unknown situation was suddenly not so unknown anymore. And we can confidently say: We have managed it quite well and are proud of ourselves – virtual backslapper. We have developed personally, but also as a team. We have developed strengths and overcome fears. Who would have thought that we now feel quite comfortable and secure in a foreign language? Who would have thought that we enjoy presenting and speaking in front of many people? In the process of the journey, we have become better and better at getting along in the team and everyone has taken up their role. We learned what the other team members need and how to give them that. We have become great team members, but certainly, also strong individuals who look confidently into the future. 

And guys, how great were the presentations and concepts of the other teams? Phenomenal. 

Team ASE started it all off. We already told you how great you were. Your concept has evolved so much in the last few months and has become something tangible that you can really imagine in the future. Please stay with it and develop it further, because you would not only be helping the Australian Society. Halo can certainly help other countries as well. 

The second team to start was Team Bee with Sima. We have certainly seen much more of your development than the other teams. After all, we sat a few meters away from you every day and presented our progress to each other at the SGMs. But since we can only work from home, we didn’t see every detail and were more interested to learn everything in your final presentation. And what should we say? You have created a great concept with Sima and can be incredibly proud of your achievement. The thumbs are crossed for state financing. 

Later that day it was the turn of Team METRO. Guys, how cool is your MediPod? This concept can definitely help the USA. You researched so well here and developed something big from a simple idea at CERN. We can’t wait to visit you in New York and see many MediPods. 

At our first reunion party, with the motto Geneva, on Friday, we finally all saw each other again at once. We can only thank you for the time we spent together with you all. Especially the time at CERN is unforgettable for us and as Evan rightly said: “Look how close we still are!” This is certainly impressive when you consider that half a year ago we only saw each other for 2 weeks. But the connection between us will continue, even if our time together with CBI ends here. We are looking forward to seeing you again soon, once Aman has taken care of the financing, we will get directly on the plane. Thank you so much for making this trip together.

The last step is now only the white paper, in which we want to show you how much and in detail we researched, we really tried to think through every little aspect. So be curious about what we are going to write now. 

And one thing we can assure you of: You’ll certainly not get rid of us.