Quote of the week: “We set our goals very high” – Mascha

We started the week with a small Clash meeting. We finished our personas and also created a user story for the doctor, the researcher, and the actual user. We plan to use these user stories in our final presentation to make the process more understandable to listeners hearing about ComImmunity for the first time. 

We have also added some more scribbles to our user interface this week. In this interface, the user will be able to accept or decline treatments with ComImmunity. Besides, the user will be able to see values such as temperature, skin resistance, pulse, and blood pressure. Furthermore, there will be a kind of progress bar, where the user can see the current treatment and the next steps. He will also have access to a heat map via the interface. For this purpose, he can decide in advance whether he wants to give the app access to his mobile phone location or whether he wants to predefine fixed locations (this can be compared to the German early warning apps Nina or Katwan). If he has done so, he will be informed via the app if he goes to a region or is near one where a virus is currently causing trouble. And thus can react. 

Another meeting this week (our secret highlight 😉 ) was the Skype call with Andreea. We talked about cybersecurity, ethics, and safety. That helped us and confirmed us in our thoughts. Thanks again for that, Andreea. 

But this week we also started to work on our final deliverables. We discussed our poster content and also developed a rough layout. So look forward to it 😉 We also created a rough storyboard for our final video and the weekend is now under the motto: After Effects. We all have no experience with this program yet, but we are confident that we will master it. 

With this in mind, we wish you all, even in these strange times, happy Easter holidays.