Quote of the week: “We are on track!” – Clara

This week was all about depth of detail. We accepted the challenge with pleasure and jumped right into it.  We showed that we really thought our way into every detail of our technical process and did an incredible amount of research. We made sketches, which you can also see below.  To give you an idea of the process, here is a short explanation:

     1.  the biosensors on the chip detect value changes in temperature, inflammation values and extracellular water             content
     2.  now the nanobots to leave the chip through the cannula to find the hotspot of the virus with their additional             biosensors
     3.  when they find the hotspot they take a blood sample (including the virus)
     4.  then the nanobots store the sample in the hatch
     5.  the nanobots swim back to the chip and deliver the sample to the virus detection chamber
     6.  the virus structure gets analyzed by TEM
     7.  the information is then sent to the database where it is compared with the existing virus data
     8.  in parallel, the nanobots search for immune reactions to the virus (with a biosensor)

       now there are 2 possible outcomes:

     9a. the nanobots detect antibody bindings
   10a. the nanobots take a antibody sample and store them in the hatch
   11a. back in the chip they deliver the sample to the antibody detection chamber (TEM)
   12a. the information is sent to the database where it is compared with the antibody data
   13a. the information can help other people

     9b. the nanobots do not detect a immune reaction
   10b. the nanobots take B cell samples and store them in the hatch
   11b. back at the chip they deliver the sample to the modifying chamber
   12b. the B cells get modified based on the existing antibody information from the database (Crispr)
   13b. now the B cells are able to produce the right antibody
   14.   the nanobots bring the modified B cells back to the hotspot of the virus
   15.   the modified B cells produce the right antibody and the antibody binds to the virus

       … natural immune response continues …

In addition to the research, we have also thought about the financing of ComImmunity and have therefore drawn up a financing roadmap. This shows which products we would like to launch on the market to finance our next developments on the long road to the final ComImmunity end product. We also had our first virtual SUDS this week. Even if different from usual, it was nice to see everybody again, we enjoyed the time very much and are looking forward to the next one.

In the next week we will do more research to find even more details about the different technologies and build up our biological knowledge a little bit, because this is the most difficult thing for us. We also want to deal with the user journey and have planned a Skype call with Andreea to talk about data security.

But we can definitely say that we are on the right track!