Quote of the week: “And be aware we are now design thinking remote pioneers.“ – Kirstin

Besides the refreshing Skype Call with ASE on Tuesday morning, this week started with a new experience for all of us, working remotely from home. This was also the topic of our conversation with ASE, because of course we didn’t just talk about our project. As in all conversations meanwhile, it was also about Covid19. We’re really glad that you guys are doing well and are looking forward to the next time. 

On Tuesday we had our first LGM on the computer and we were clearly surprised that everything worked so well.  Of course there were a few minor problems, but nothing we couldn’t handle with time. We see this whole process in a positive light now. We try to make the best out of it and gain as much experience as possible. So why not become a remote professional? 

Besides all the changes we have also finished our Mission Model Canvas, which you can see here. We have extended the template a bit and added Preventers and Compositors, but also left some space for Social responsibility. In the process of the Mission Model Canvas, we have become aware of the connections again. Our Stakeholder Map, our System Thinking Map and our Future Scenario also helped us to fill it out. Slowly but surely we are getting a thread running through our project. At the end of the week we still had some decisions to make, because we want to focus on one disease first in order not to lose the overview and to stay superficial. We decided to focus on viruses. But that doesn’t mean that ComImmunity can’t be extended to bacteria or allergic substances later on. However, we think we should start “small” first and not overdo it. We also have a smart consultant who says: “We design for a small amount and do it right.” – Catarina, you know that we’re referring to you. 😉  So, in the next few days we’ll be doing research on virus detection. We’re looking forward to it, because the limitation makes it easier for us to concentrate on single things and not to fish in all waters. In addition, we would like to finally create individual personas in the next week in order to focus on a group of patients.  

Until our next update: Stay healthy and keep a stiff upper lip.