Quote of the week: „Get the party started“ – P!nk

This week we started to familiarize ourselves with the topic and created a mind map, which we are continuously expanding. The main parts of the mind map are: 

1) SDG 3,

2) Wellbeing,

3) Health and

4) CERN technologies

Furthermore, we have set up a rough timetable until our meeting at CERN. This includes in particular research work and the creation, execution and evaluation of first questionnaires. Our consideration was to conduct the interviews on several levels, starting with a superficial questionnaire on the subject of health and well-being. 

Because of the different definitions for wellbeing and health we wanted to experience the spontaneous definitions of the citizens of Mannheim. Furthermore our goal was to find out if either the people in Mannheim think that health and wellbeing is strongly connected to each other or must be considered separately. 

Besides, we created and discussed initial drafts for the website. Our goal for next week was to conduct and evaluate the first interviews.