Quote of the week: “Decisions on Decisions” 

This week we finally skyped with our CERN coach Ashley. She gave us some suggestions for our ideas, which we have to investigate in more detail. Thank you Ashley for that! In addition, we finally decided on an idea that we would like to work on further. 

Are you ready? 






Drum roll …




For all those who are new here and haven’t been following our journey for so long. ComImmunity is a system that could be compared to a global community immune memory. The system includes an implant and a database. The implant detects the outbreak of a disease and the type of disease. When the body is able to fight the disease naturally by forming antibodies, the information about the composition of the antibodies and the associated disease is loaded into a global database. If the implant detects that a disease is not being successfully treated, the implant sends a request to the database. The database sends the appropriate antibody information to treat the disease to the implant. This information is then sent into the immune memory of the diseased body. This enables the body to fight the disease naturally by forming antibodies. The CERN technology used here is called Invenio, it is a integrated digital repository and library system.

As a first step, we have now created a rough overview with the points that are important to us, the questions that we have and the various possibilities that we are considering for implementation.

But this week we also skyped with our Buddy team Metro. It was great to see them all again!

Over the holidays we’ll be working on our white paper and can’t wait to hear your feedback.

With this in mind: Happy holidays and a happy new year!