Quote of the week: „Do you need another coffee?“ – we every two minutes

During the first week, we got to know each other better as a team. We developed a team name, did the introduction video and designed a suitable logo. We started filming during the logo development. To explain you our team name a little bit better: Our team name is an acronym and consists of letters from our names: CLara mAnuel maScHa! Also, the meaning is no accident, because we see the team composition and the topic of the project as well, as a clash of different disciplines and challenges. Where we don’t clash but glue together is the desire of a second or third, or maybe just another coffee. We not just designed a logo on the computer we built a physical one as well. The main part of the logo is a plate, this plate consists of suitable colored orange Polymethylmethacrylat laser cutted and engraved, corresponding to the inno.space CD. We placed a QRS-complex right under our “team name” in coincidence with the SDG Goal 3 (Health and wellbeing) we work on. – It looks quite fancy 😀 In the time of the shooting, we collected first ideas and impressions for the coming project.