Meet SOL!

In our final showcase, we present SOL in its final form!

Watch the video to gain a quick understanding of our project!


Approaching the final weeks of our CBI A3 – Design factory experience, and it’s safe to say our team has been feeling a mixed bag of emotions as we wrap the last of our submissions.

Let us recap the past few weeks and what they had installed for us:

The day of our presentation started with feelings of stress as our nerves started to kick in for our presentation. All three of us had a big day planned as we each put our heads down and got busy sorting out the assembly of our prototype, finalising the presentation pages, and organising the various other products we wanted to showcase for our presentation. I believe it was nearing our presentation and we completed all that we needed for our displays with two hours to spare. We then rehearsed our presentation as a team to help ease our nerves, and then we put on our brave faces and presented SOL.

After our presentation, we gathered some feedback from the audience along with various compliments about our design and our idea behind the design,, which left us feeling content as this experience is ending.  
Another week passed, and we completed our online presentation to the broader community of the CBI family we met when we went to Switzerland, among many other scienced lead mentors and others.
As we close the last chapter of our design factory Melbourne experience, we reflect on all the hard work we put into the past few months, and we are immensely proud of ourselves for getting to where we are at. We appreciate all the help and support we have gathered over the past two semesters from our other peers (Ctrl Z) and teachers (Aaron, Mel and Chris), who have learnt so much.

Goodbye for now, but not forever.

Peace out, team Squid!