This is a 2030 Product Development-bound METRO train.

Our first week back sped by us like an express line, and we aren’t expecting any delays. Our meeting was packed with catching-up, planning, and preparation. We spent some time going over the highs and lows of our holiday breaks, feasting on some terrific foods brought by Juhi, and enjoying the general camaraderie.

Once the personal updates were aside, it was time to get down to business.The meeting first went over our roadmap for the semester, outlining the broader epoch’s of the project, followed by the smaller steps for tackling the upcoming week.

We decided that an extent of research and idea development would be necessary for completion before our stop at next week’s station. This will prove challenging (but not impossible) as we have our Halfway-show next week as well. We’re not terribly concerned though, as the METRO system has ran smoothly since its inception.


This laying out of our goals led to an assignment of roles (left) for each member so that we may better streamline the development process throughout the semester, and so that there will be less confusion as to what is whose responsibility. These roles are not that person’s individual job; it is only theirs to ensure the progress of and distribution of work for.











The next stop is Halfway-Show Reflection.