This is a 2030 Product Development-bound METRO train.

This last week was intense! With classes ramping to full speed, team METRO found themselves hard-at-work in balancing their preparation for the halfway show, furthering the research for the project, as well as everything else in life that demands upkeep.

The primary focus was undoubtedly the presentation. We met twice outside of our typical weekly meetups in order to devise proper workloads and presentation guidelines. Thankfully, our hard work paid off, and the halfway show went great!

Not only did we get the chance to show off some of the work we did while in Switzerland, but we had fun in telling people completely unfamiliar with the program what we were all about. Further, we got to meet some other Design Factory teams stationed in New York, as well as watch their halfway show presentations. Most would probably admit that tensions were high during, but many of us relaxed afterwards with some cookies and tea.

Next week, we hope to have finished a bit more research so that we can finally choose which specific project we’d like to pursue. Once that happens, we’ll be sure to move full-speed ahead with no breaks in sight.


The next stop isĀ Project Research & Definition.