We have now gathered and analyzed a lot of information on the textile industry, it’s time to start exploring some concepts we think might help solve our problem.

The first concept we want to explore is water purification through boiling, for this we used a boiler connected to a pipe encased in ice, to promote condensation, in the boiler we boiled a solution of water with saturation levels of salt, sugar and some powder, we also added ketchup and other sauces.

The results were promising, as we got clean water with very low/ inexistent levels of soluble or any other elements present in the initial solution. Although these results are very satisfying for our concept, we also raised another issue, thermal pollution.

With all this in mind we set out to find other ways to replicate this process, and so we came out with a new idea, boiling the water by depressurization. With this new method, we get all the benefits of boiling water and no thermal pollution. For the first prototype, we used an old refrigerator motor, an aluminum bowl, acrylic plates, and rubber sealers to make it airtight.

Our prototype failed as the motor we used wasn’t strong enough to achieve the needed negative pressure, so we asked GRAQ if we could borrow one of their vacuum pumps, to what they agreed. For this version of the prototype, we also added a manometer.

Prototype V2 also failed for the same reason as the previous one. This time the motor took us to –0.6 ATM ( we need to achieve –1 to –1.1 ATM to boil water)

We headed back to GRAQ to ask for a stronger pump, and this time the pump was able to take us to the intended pressure, and so our concept was proven, as we were able to boil water and obtain clean water from a saturated initial solution!