We are team Wired:

Karen, Gracie and Maryia!

Three of a kind individuals from different parts of the world, we came together for the next 7 months of this exciting adventure!


Our Process

The beginning in The end.

The last few weeks before the Final showcase were all about discussing and finalizing our system. We were facing the challenge of reducing underground construction and expenses. The solution we came up with forced us to redesign the system, however, the redesign made...

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4 week Festival of Design Development

After the 4-week festival, we had much more knowledge and direction for our project than when we had started. The following is a summary of our concept and design direction: Problem Space: The main problem space that we are exploring is excessive traffic, which causes...

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Wired: Festival of Design Development Process

Jumping through all the exercises during the first week of the festival was really enlightening as we learned much about design thinking along with various perspectives to bring it to our own concept. We started with our first prototype (image below). Throughout all...

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Born in Columbia, Maryland, Gracie had a dream to study and live in New York City. That is where Pace University came along! Now she is an Honor Student majoring in Economics with a minor in Computer Science.

Very charismatic and creative with a deep love for music, singing and theatre, Gracie joined NYCDF CBI A³ to practice and develop her design thinking skills and to create an important project that works towards a sustainable world.

She sees Wired as the representation of the strong connection to technology.

Especially given the current world situation, we are all united through the Internet, but also on a team level, we are all brought together by a mutual interest in technology and sustainability.

By the way, Gracie will turn 22 on Tuesday 2/2/22 aka “Twos-day”!

Magic numbers, how cool is that? 🙂


(aka Masha)

Maryia was born in Belarus in the heart of Europe. At age 19, she moved to the USA with one suitcase and started her life from scratch. In 2018 she joined Pace University where she has been studying computer science.

Maryia is all about adventures and discoveries, and has love for technology, music and animals in particular. The idea of getting a unique experience of learning product development in all its possible aspects brought Maryia to NYCDF CBI A³.

She sees Wired as an intersection of many invisible wires connecting her and her teammates in order to create a meaningful product that will help this world become a better place.

Maryia is an experienced traveler. She was lucky to visit 18 countries before turning 18 and does not stop on following her passion by adding new countries to her bucket list every year! 🙂


(aka Joy Joy, aka Supergirl)

Coming a long way from India with 5 languages in her pocket, Karen is pursuing her dreams as a Graduate Student in Information systems at Pace University. Genuinely in love with people and tech, she strives to understand and make the connection between them even better.

Keen on technology, human psychology, books and music, Karen joined NYCDF CBI A³ with a hunger for knowledge and a strong passion to learn aspects that exist, however cannot be learnt or taught in a regular classroom.

She sees Wired as a great opportunity to build a strong bridge and close the existing gap between people and tech. That is why she is so dedicated to what she does every single day.

By the way, if you are ever in the mood for a long and interesting discussion about Human Psychology, Technology or just Star Wars, make sure to contact Karen during the night as she is a known Nocturnal 🙂