. Pin up of one of our ideation prototypes

The two-week intensive was an opportunity to discuss our existing opportnity cards and understand the themes we can further develop on. Our opportunity cards covered a variety of local issues including but not limited to air pollution, e-waste, clothing pollution, tires pollution, increasing pollution of nurdles and overuse of fertilizers. The intensive conversations we had led us to futher ideate on our insights from the cards. One of the most prominent issue that we have been intensively researching on has been e-waste. The dumping of e-waste onto landfills has led to the toxins and chemicals to leak into the soil and groundwater. Similar findings had been highlighted under the overuse of fertilizers topic and the issue of tire recycling. It was understood that the impact of these issues were similar, they impacted the quality of groundwater and soil that translates into a bigger cause of concern like the food and water we consume. Attention to issues that were an impact of consumer behavior were also studied. Issues such as clothing in landfill and overproduction of food were a direct result of wastage and overpurchase. Over the two weeks, we dwelled into these issues further to choose two main problems that require a strategic solution.