This week, Team Wired had an amazing time diving into opportunity cards. 

Our theme this year is SDG 11 (Sustainable Development Goal 11): Sustainable Cities and communities.

We felt that it is by far one of the most magnificent goals to be able to work on as it is very relevant to the current times and things that are happening this year.

We brainstormed and had a wonderful time chalking out which were going to be the 20 opportunity cards that we do.

After exploring many areas, we narrowed them down together and categorized into subcategories, then worked on them individually, giving each other feedback and motivating each other with funny memes along the way! 


Opportunity Areas


We started off by just putting all our ideas on to the board, unfiltered – and realized that mind maps are something we all have fun using! 

Then we went over this “Brain Dump of Ideas” and categorized it into 23 cards that we could make. Each of us took 5 Cards and some were put into a “buffer” category that we decided to work on together as a team.

We found ourselves astonished at the problems that exist in the community that are just waiting to be solved! It gave perspective as to how whatever we study, and all our ideas are not just ideas but eventually can be something that helps.

In the end, we came out with 20 awesome cards and a hunger to start working and exploring more.

Team Snapshots:

Opportunity Cards Highlights

Picking or narrowing down 20 cards was a bit difficult given that there were so many similarities as well as differences over the whole problem space.

We picked the final 20 going all the way from known topics such as air and water quality to more complex and present needs such as availability and preparedness of healthcare.

We termed Yellow posts as big ideas, Green as probable solutions and blue as statements or quotes made by people or the media

For example:

New York City’s water is unfiltered, making it the largest unfiltered water system in the country. If New York would begin filtering its water, it would cost the city approximately 1 million dollars per day to operate the filtration plant… This issue was on the mind of each one of our team. 

The second prime issue we considered important was about low-income workers who are unable to afford the high premiums of health insurance. Because of this, many New Yorkers risk going without proper medical assistance. 

Most people rely on their job to provide health insurance. With over 14% of New Yorkers unemployed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, over a million of them are left uninsured during the middle of a global health crisis.

* * *

We broke down sustainability into categories and then approached each category to find the problems in it.  This is a little sneak peek on a few of our final Opportunity Cards:

Tech Card Highlights


As a team we explored a few Tech cards of the CERN technology. From Transportable Refrigeration Apparatus for CO2 Investigation (TRACI) to Gas Electron Multiplier, it was fascinating to see and explore this new Information. The result brought us to a total of 9 cards (1 is missing on this snapshot).

Additional Highlights we wish to remember and share:

Team Wired had a special Guest this week – one of the 3 Maryia’s cats Noodles! – She took over our meeting for a bit (haha) 🙂


Quote of the week


Trust in the ability of your generation to bring CHANGE!”


– Prof. Andreea Cotoranu.

The best guide we could ask for!


Next Steps:

Our opportunity cards encouraged us to recognize matters that are currently being faced by people of NYC and are problematic to the long-term development of the supercity. 

They are complex and have underlying factors that are, like cause and effect, the root of the issues. 

In the next phase, during the 4-week exploration festival, we are looking forward to discuss this further and come up with the areas that we can help in.