Hey there!

We have started the next step in the project: defining stakeholders. Before we introduce our identified stakeholders, let’s briefly recap what exactly stakeholders are.

A stakeholder is a person or group that has a legitimate interest in the progress or outcome of a project.

So we investigated which people (or groups of people) could be interested in or involved in our idea. We categorized the identified stakeholders into three groups:

1 – core target group and staff involved

2 – direct stakeholders

3 – indirect stakeholders

And we came to the following conclusions:


Our core target group includes: the individuals seeking the treatment, the guiding staff, neurological scientists, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and the environment of the affected people (family and friends of the patients).

The direct stakeholders are: AI experts, data protection manager, software developers, room architects, maintenance/technicians, health insurance agencies and medical technicians.

The indirect stakeholders are: the publicity, the government / legal system, tech industries, competitors, opponents, workplaces, schools and universities.

Of course, we also made a stakeholder roadmap, including our core stakeholders. Here are the results:

Stay tuned!