Idea Audit

As we mentioned in our last blog entries, the visit to CERN gave us a fresh perspective and allowed us to come up with more ideas – ideas that we thought are some of our best ones yet. The presence of experienced moderators and professionals allowed us to quickly adjust our ideas and consider problems within them.

At the end of the exploration festival, we’ve presented two ideas to our fellow students and professionals from different areas around the globe. Those two ideas were ReNate and the HoverPlant.

  • ReNate is an autonomous robot to restore and recultivate used land and thereby contributing to healthier ecosystems. Below you can see the new prototype sketch, which we created over our Christmas break.

  • HoverPlant is an elevated or second level for plants to increase the area for plants and agriculture. As you’ll read further down, we decided to go with ReNate as our final idea, so we did not further develop the idea of an HoverPlant.

Shortly after the exploration festival, we went into Christmas break, where we spent a lot of time evolving our first idea: ReNate. We chose ReNate because the feedback from the presentation was more in favor of it and therefore seemed like a more feasible idea, especially in our given timeframe till 2030. Also one of the main goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Life on Land, is to restore ecosystems and reverse land degradation. In Germany, we see a lot of potentials for that goal to be fulfilled within the given timeframe. Besides feedback from professionals, discussions with friends and family also help us affirm our decision.

Now we want to use this opportunity to dive deeper into the idea of ReNate. ReNate is a robot that analyses and evaluates soil quality. For this purpose, it is equipped with various tools that enable it to carry out the analysis. It is also equipped with the ability to move autonomously and has a huge database that contains the living conditions for the plants found in the region.

Together with a network of drones, ReNate can restore big areas completely by itself. We’re looking forward to the next couple of weeks, where we’ll spend more time developing the idea further.


Team Snapshot


The clear highlight was our work on the White Paper of our selected idea. We’ve extended our research and learned a lot of new aspects of our idea which helped us to grow it!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu

We’ve also developed a new digital logo for our team, as you can see on the right.

Next Steps

We’re about to finish our White Paper and in the following weeks, we’ll spend much more time thinking about our idea and developing it further, both in a technical way as well as on the economical aspects.