This is the last stop of the 2030 Product Development-bound METRO train.

We at team METRO still can’t believe it. It’s been a fantastic year of a ride, and we’re sad to see it finally come to a close. Anticipation welled as the final hours closed before our showcase, but it was worth finally getting to show off the work we’ve done these last few months.┬áTons of research, ideating, and design work gave us a handful of concepts, and though we had to narrow down to just one, Medipod feels like the right conclusion. Practicing the presentation felt surreal, but we received a lot of great feedback and felt much better prepared for the real showcase.

And the showcases! As we waited in the still silence of 4 AM, realization dawned that the time spent together in warmups, coffee breaks, and ideation was all for today. It was exciting to see the ideas we’d seen in Geneva take their developed forms, brought forth by the creative people we’re lucky to call friends! They were terrific, of course. CommImmunity is original, creative, and looking ever more relevant with each passing day. SiMA is a wonderful product; the potential extent of its benefit is monumental. And we look forward to using HALO in our future travels (as soon as the airports open back up, of course)!

Our nerves crept up in the closing hours before our own presentation, but we think it went well. The questions we received were not at all negative, and most indicated interest within the project that served to encourage. With nothing else to occupy our attention since, METRO turns to the white paper. Thankfully, the single-focus nature of the task will allow us to deliver work which is the amalgam of our team’s best abilities. We look forward to sharing it with you!


Don’t forget your belongings as you exit the car. Thank you for riding with us, and we hope to see you again.


But seriously, we’re going to miss you all! We’ll keep in touch.