Quote of the first week: „It doesn’t have to be a Hollywood video!“

We – Carina, Christian, Matthias and Naemi – are team Ekopaís. A team that did not know each other before and will work together on the CBI A³ project for the next few months. Let us explain you our team name: Ekopaís. Eko is a short form for ekologiskt, which means ecological in Swedish. País is the spanish word for „land“. Our team name combines the SDGs, of course especially „life on land“, and the global idea behind this project: working in an international space.

The shooting of the introduction video went surprisingly smoothly. When we presented our ideas to each other, we immediately agreed on how and what we wanted to do without any discussion – a good start for the upcoming project!! Drawing big stick figures on a whiteboard isn’t that easy like it looks like – but luckily the introduction video doesn’t have to be a Hollywood one.



In the first weeks we got to know each other a bit better. We are four master students of three different subjects. Carina studies business engineering, Christian is doing his Master in computer science and Matthias as well as Naemi are studying process engineering. Our interests are different and versatilely: from anime to apple technology to playing music and different kind of sports.

Being a team means pursuing a common goal. For us as a team, it is particularly important to develop a meaningful and, above all, implementable idea within the framework of this project. We are excited to learn about new ways of thinking and challenge ourselves. Of course, one of the most important things is that the fun is not missing! And to be honest we are also motivated to improve our English skills. A very essential point for a good cooperation is to know what the team members need from the others to give their best.  We found out that we have similar thoughts – openness, honesty and constructive feedback are very important to us.

We are looking forward to the upcoming time! 😊