Taking from our research areas, we were given the opportunity to explore these at our 2-week CERN trip to IdeaSquare. This is where we were able to work with each other and others in the Design Factory Global Network who are also participating in the CBI A3 project. As the trip was limited to a fortnight, and though intensively focused on innovation activities, ideation and prototyping, we also applied our skills from IdeaSquare when we returned to Melbourne. This local exploration allowed us time to look at the research areas that we may have yet to get the chance to at IdeaSquare, and ensure that we had not missed any opportunities that we were passionate about.

Hyger Fire Drone

Hyger Glasses

Hip-Med Glasses





All Trash Matters

Chem-sensor Dummy

Medical Tinder

Safe Drug Verification



Personal PiPe4.0

Other Ideation

Of our ideation sessions, we came up with a multitude of ideas that answered several areas of our research. At the final days of our IdeaSquare trip, we were tasked with presenting some of our more promising ideas for feedback. We decided as a team to share on the Hyger Fire Drone, looking at areas of natural disaster safety and prevention (namely bushfires), and the Hyger Glasses, where we looked at the mental health and safety of those who are visually impaired. These areas were not the only areas that held promising ideas, and we continued to develop these ideas and others as we returned to Melbourne.

Festival of Exploration

Location: CERN IdeaSquare, Geneva, Switzerland

CERN IdeaSquare provided us with an intensive fortnight of ideation, prototyping and mind-blowing talks about the universe. We worked alongside our global design factory counterparts, collaborating on each other’s opportunity areas and building each other up through critical feedback. Outside of our design work, we also had the chance to tour some of CERNs facilities, including the Compact muon Solenoid (CMS) and create our own Cloud Chamber to see the movement of cosmic rays. These scientific breaks allowed for fresh and inspired minds to return to IdeaSquare, ready to take on another day!

Team Snapshot

We loved that we had the opportunity to undertake part of this project in Geneva, Switzerland with CERN IdeaSquare.

Quote of the Week:

“At least we all made it onto the plane…” –Everyone trying to placate Justin, who left his phone in Melbourne while we made our way to Switzerland.



Next steps

  • Further exploration into our opportunity areas (especially the ones we didn’t really look at much)
  • Development of our bigger or more promising ideas
  • Cry because we’re leaving Geneva 😭