Creating nudge

AIM: Break into a sedentary lifestyle and help people to adopt healthier
and sustainable behaviours

Photo frame with your motivator, which reminds you about breaks for exercises during long periods of sitting and train with you.

Value preposition

This device will provide professional guidelines, constant progress monitoring and full personalisation of both exercise and schedule adjustments. Also a design of the frame can be chosen by each user. The materials used to build it up will be recyclable or pre-owned, according to circular economy idea.


For those who want to experience more or adjust Youtine to their own needs, we enable to connect the frame with headphones, smartwatches, apps and even AR glasses. Each additional device will ensure diffrent options and make using Youtine more comfortable.


Next steps

We will work on prototype of frame and drones.


We don’t have one this time, so I googled it:
“The more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap. Stay safe. Eat cake.”