Deeping into
Sedentary Lifestyle

During our further research, we noticed that there are already a large number of furniture solutions that are well-suited, enabling good posture. The problem is that they are often underutilized, a misaligned headrest, or just plain humping. We also learned that to counteract the negative effects of prolonged sitting, regular stretching exercises are best.

So we started looking elsewhere for a solution.

In Poland, a worker has a statutory 5-minute break after every hour. This break is for him to get up from the computer, stretch, let his eyes rest. Of course, few people take advantage of this.
As we found out, an employee who exercises regularly gives many benefits to the employer: less sick leave, being more creative. That’s why taking up regular, short exercises during work is a win-win.

It’s all about motivation

With the Persona canvas, we found that the employee has a problem with motivation to take up exercise, which is due to a number of factors such as lack of time, community support, lack of confidence from exercising well and the real impact of exercise on body fitness.

Przemek, 31

“I need to fulfill my duties; I don’t
have time for the sport right now –
maybe later”

Ksawery, 23

“I get your point, that i’ll feel better
later, but I can’t get into it”

Ola, 20

“I didn’t find my swolemate yet.”

Andrzej, 47

“I can’t do the exercises properly.”

We focused on finding the employee’s motivation to take up healthy exercise habits within the statutory break. Interestingly, we didn’t have to look far: we literally found the solution in the office: on the employee’s desk. They are a close second. Many people, try to personalize their desk by putting up frames with photos of loved ones, drawings of children, etc. Interestingly, it has been proven (Dave Mayer, University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business) that such a frame triggers more ethical work behavior in the employee.

Rapid prototyping

With this knowledge, we moved smoothly to rapid testing. We tested three prototypes:

  • Digital Frame with relatives who show different exercises ( with the possibility, also set up other people to motivate them to take the exercises)
  • AR glasses that, when worn, show the exact shadow of , where to place the limbs to do the exercise well, with the voice of the trainer.
  • AR glasses + sensors, which is extended by putting on bands in a few places on the body. Thanks to this, we also get real-time feedback on what percentage of muscles we are stretching effectively. 

The frame proved to be the most user-friendly and the most motivating to take up exercise.

Next steps

We aim to detail the features of our solution.


“Better said, than done”