Tackling Household Food Waste
LUMO! A Smart
Home Solution

Australia wastes 7.6 million tons of food annually, contributing to global warming and threatening agricultural stability.

In light of this issue, we introduce Lumo! A smart home solution initiative incorporating MyView and MyFood to revolutionise household food management. MyView is a roaming robotic biosensor that scans and monitors food items in the refrigerator. While MyFood is a software incorporated with A.I assistant that helps plan meals, manage soon-to-expire food and suggest recipes based on preferences. Our solution aims to develop a sustainable lifestyle by promoting responsible food management across Australian households

Our Journey

B&B: Local Opportunity Areas

B&B: Local Opportunity Areas

Whiteboard filled with problem spacesIntroduction Sustainability – a word that's always buzzing around when we talk about taking care of our planet. We first heard about it in school, drawing posters of a green world with trees everywhere, a hand hugging the Earth,...

B&B: Who we are!

B&B: Who we are!

We are team Boundless & Beyond! It took us a while to come up with the name. We wanted it to be something meaningful and impactful. After lots of time of thinking, we decided that our name should relate to the project's aim to create a radical and disruptive idea....

Boundless & Beyond

To make a difference in the world, we need to think radically. We need ideas that are disruptive, innovative and explosive. We need to grow and venture into a radical and growth mindset and leave behind our fixed thinking. As students of the University of Technology, we aim to go boundless and beyond.

Meet the team!!

Ringo Ma

Ringo Ma

Visual Communication Designer

Ringo is a visual communication designer
with a completed bachelor’s degree in
design. He is adept at creating various
designs including publication, logos,
systems and editing videos. With a
flexible and creative mindset, Ringo
is proficient in creating radical and
innovative ideas to problems.
Nishita Chauhan

Nishita Chauhan

Communication Designer

Nishita Chauhan is a dedicated individual currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Design, with a specialization in communication design, particularly focused on lettering and typography. She is adaptable, self-motivated and a down-to-earth individual with a creative mind. Nishita’s eagerness to learn and consistently improve her skills reflects her commitment to personal and professional growth.
Gabriel Uyehara

Gabriel Uyehara

Industrial Designer

Gab holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from the University of the Philippines – College of Fine Arts. Specializing in Point-of-Sale manufacturing, he has extensive experience in technical and conceptual product designing for brand clients. Proficient in both 2D and 3D software, Gab approaches problem solving with an open and creative mindset.