Our team’s journey at CERN IdeaSquare was Boundless and Beyond, exceeding conventional limits that improved our understanding and approach to the CBI A3 project focused on creating sustainable solutions with global impact in Australia. Immersed in an environment of cutting-edge technology and innovation, our team gained valuable insights and inspiration. The collaborative atmosphere at CERN highlighted the power of interdisciplinary collaboration, broadening our perspectives and creative thinking. Witnessing the design processes at Ideasquare made us more committed to being flexible and always finding ways to improve our project. The intersection of science and design became more clear, encouraging us to explore practical solutions. SDG 12, centred on responsible consumption and production, resonated deeply with our mission. It directed us to create purposeful designs with minimal environmental impact.

The joy of our time at CERN IdeaSquare extended beyond the work itself. From the awe-inspiring visit to witness the hydro collider to insightful sessions with guest speakers reshaping our perspectives, the inter-team collaborations with diverse minds, engaging warm-up activities, and weekend outings exploring the beauty of Geneva, every moment contributed to an unforgettable experience. The two weeks perfectly blend learning and enjoyment, defining our commitment to sustainable solutions.


Idea Napkins



Highlight of the CERN Trip

Our highlight from the overall journey and experience is the profound growth and learning we encountered during Phase 1 of the CBI program. Navigating the challenges, viewing setbacks as stepping stones for personal development, and embracing adaptability showcase our commitment to continuous improvement. Additionally, aligning our design philosophy with SDG 12 emphasizes our dedication to creating solutions that serve a purpose and contribute positively to the environment and individuals. The journey to CERN Geneva inspired us to integrate progressive solutions into our design approach.

Next steps

In our next steps, a key focus will be on understanding the precise use of the technologies and strategically incorporating them into our design solutions. We will refine our designs based on feedback, ensuring that our solutions not only address local challenges but also align with global sustainability goals, particularly SDG 12. 


“Innovation knows no bounds; it’s the fusion of ideas that pushes us beyond limitations.” Team B&B