We are team Boundless & Beyond!

It took us a while to come up with the name. We wanted it to be something meaningful and impactful. After lots of time of thinking, we decided that our name should relate to the project’s aim to create a radical and disruptive idea. Therefore, we created the team’s name based on how the team should think and behave, which is to think laterally outside the box. In other words, we should think boundless & beyond!

Team Video Introduction

Meet the members!!

Everyone from Boundless & Beyond are currently studying the master of design the University of Technology Swinburne, in Melbourne, Australia. We all come from a design background, however, we aren’t all the same. Despite our differences, we have the same goal to achieve a radical and impressive outcome for CBI!!


Visual Communication Designer
Nice to meet you! I’m Ringo and I am a visual communication designer. My lifetime interest is continuously improve myself whether that be improving on my existing skills or learning ones. This is because I want to become a better version of myself as I grow older. Therefore, I am looking forward to improving my designs skills including critical thinking and communication in this program. As well as to learn and gain more experience in working in a multidisciplinary environment.

Fun fact: I want to become 1st place in a marathon.


Visual Communication Designer

Greetings everyone! I am Nishita, a dedicated individual with a passion for design, specialising in communication design. With adaptability and self-motivation, I am on a journey of continuous improvement, showcasing a commitment to both personal and professional growth. I aim to leverage design skills to create solutions that serve and solve problems for people, making a positive impact through innovative and meaningful design. I strive to explore new horizons, overcoming challenges and transforming them into opportunities.

Fun fact: I have Misophonia, particularly the sound of people chewing. Google it!


Industrial Designer

Hi, I’m Gab, an industrial designer. I specialize in creating eye-catching displays for clients using marketing strategies. I love diving into the technical side of 2D/3D design and prototyping. I have years of experience in the point-of-purchase production sector, working with carpentry, paintworks, and metalworks departments. I’m familiar with various manufacturing materials and I try to stay updated on the latest technologies, which is why I joined the global program – to learn more about the exciting intersection of science and design.

Fun fact: I have a very handsome twin brother. cool