Hey there!

Hard to believe, but the CBI project is coming to an end.. we’ve been on this project for seven months and have already learned so much.

The boot camp, the problem space analysis, something that felt like 300 ideation sessions, the trip to Switzerland, even more ideation sessions, the selection of the topic, the prototyping, all the diagrams and tables, and today we are here: our final prototype is being worked on and we are working towards the big presentation in Warsaw. How exciting!

The to-do list stands for the last steps: and none of our to-do lists has ever been so extensive. There really is a lot to do, but in fact working on a project has never been more concrete. The problem space has long been explored, design freeze is over and our idea is clear: an AI system for simulating therapy sessions to identify the first symptoms of depression and thus simplify and accelerate the treatment process.

Many stakeholders will be able to benefit from this idea. Not only the patient himself, but also psychologists/therapists, treating staff, family, friends, the medical field in general, technicians, health insurance companies, the state and a few others. As you can see, the list is long.

We try to have a far-reaching impact with our concept and we are confident: the lives of some people will improve fundamentally! We feel it coming.

Stay tuned!