Walking around CERN’s R1 provided us with a unique opportunity to interact with community members and experts from various departments and specializations. This exercise “Ask a Cernie” was an excellent way to broaden our perspectives and gain insights into different scientific areas.

The experience allowed us to interact with professionals in fields ranging from particle physics and astrophysics to engineering and computer science. We were able to learn from their experiences and knowledge, share our own concepts and ideas, and receive feedback and suggestions from them.

This type of exercise was incredibly helpful in fostering innovation and collaboration within the scientific community. By bringing together people from different backgrounds and specializations, we can gain a broader understanding of the issues and challenges facing the society today, and work together to find solutions and make progress towards scientific advancements.

Overall, the “Ask a Cernie” exercise was a great way to network and engage with community members, learn from their expertise, and build relationships that can lead to future collaborations and scientific breakthroughs.

Here is a link to a video that showcases one of our interactions: IMG_530