Ideation, Ideation, Ideation at

Hello everyone, we are back from Cern for a couple of weeks now and kept working hard!

We thought about a lot of different scenarios in which we can safe the world – or just make it a little better first…

For that we needed to do some more ideation-session, where we could get creative and think about local problemspaces, that we could attack. By that we came up with a few more ideas, that could be interesting for the future.

To visualize that, we want to share the Ideanapkins, we made at Cern and we also want to share some of the prototypes we did in Mannheim in a quick foto-dumb:




In the First row of pictures, we have a cloud moving system, to stop heavy rainfall and prevent floodings by moving them to more dry areas, to prevent droughts there.

The second one shows a housing with thermoelectric solarpanels, that generate electricity from the sun and from temperature differences of the inside to the outside. Furthermore it has a water-circulation-system, that gives warm water from showers another life by using it for heating and flushing the toilets.

The third picture shows a sustainable T-Shirt, that can go through a special recycling process, in which it dissolves and the fabrics can be collected as well as the used color-pigmets. After that process a new Shirt needs only a few percentage of new fibers.


The secod row of the pictures, shows some of our IdeaNapinks from Cern, we havent presented in the Blog so far. So read into them!


Today’s featured quote is:


“I think my creativity-muscle went overboard”