Hey everyone!


We just wanted to share some of our experiences and progress during our weeks at IdeaSquare at CERN. We brainstormed some exciting ideas such as Quadransport, BMCH (Bio-Monitored Community Hub), and Pick-Apart-Pete. However, after coming back home, we were not sure if we wanted to stick with these ideas.

During our final presentation at IdeaSquare, we presented Quadransport, a tunnel system connecting major industrial hubs and getting rid of the need for excessive trucks within the city center. However, we realized that such tubing systems are very expensive and energy-intensive. As for the BMCH, we brainstormed further and came up with the idea of having a community hub where sustainable and green engineering happens. But some of us did not understand the incentive behind it.


Our Highlights


In terms of individual highlights:

Kathi: For me, the most significant part of the experience was being in and seeing so many places where history was and is being made. It was very inspiring to witness what humans are capable of, and it motivates me to try my best as well. I also enjoyed meeting new people and getting to know my teammates better. I feel that I have made friends that I’ll keep for many years to come!

Hnudee: Even though I’ve been to CERN before (I went to see ALICE in the 12th grade), this experience was much better compared to that. Not only did I get to meet new peers, hear from experts working at CERN and IdeaSquare, and learn new skills for future thinking, but I got to know my teammates (as well as team Susta.Inno) on a level where we came to IdeaSquare as a group but went home as a family. I would also like to add that getting support from the Teaching Team reminded me of the time in my life when I enjoyed learning, as the teaching team did their best to guide us in the best direction, help us where we got stuck, and they showed us that they truly cared, and for that, I’m thankful for as well.  

Kasjen: Seeing the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) was a highlight for me, as well as meeting with different experts and learning about neutrinos during the Meet-and-Greet breakfast. The Teaching Team presented different skills that can be used for different aspects of life, both professional and leisure. This experience was inspiring and useful for my thinking toolbox of life. Moreover, getting to know my teammates better strengthened our communication and collaboration.


See you soon!


We are excited to focus our attention on a specific problem space. Although we didn’t delve into it during our two-week intensive at IdeaSquare, we are interested in exploring the topic of fast fashion. We believe it is a relevant and relatable issue that we can localize and address.

Wishing everyone a warm holiday season,

Hnudee, Kasjen, and Kathi